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How Are Your People Different from Other Bookkeepers?

At Norman Professional Services, it’s not enough to “know the numbers and where to put them.” Our people are curious about your accounting and financial engines and how to keep them performing well. They also can translate accounting-speak into language you understand—which makes your life easier.

You can see that as they speak for themselves.

Walter Miller

“After nearly 20 years of bookkeeping and working with CPAs, I’ve discovered something. Most small and mid-sized businesses are like a 10-piece accounting puzzle—and about seven of those pieces are the same for all. So walking into a relationship, we already know 70% of how to help them.

“What everyone at Norman Professional Services enjoys is discovering those three pieces that are unique to each company. Once we understand these, we work with our clients make the most of their total financial puzzle. When this happens, their cash flow goes up and their stress goes down.”

Hilda Fischer
Systems Engineer

“I have been a research zoologist, and a Certified Quality Manager, Engineer and Auditor. So I look at all companies as a system.

“Most of our clients begin with one person handling their accounting and often other work. As more people and data become involved, more steps are added. No one has time to look at the overall system to see what makes sense.

“In addition to handling internal systems for NPS, I ‘follow the money’ for clients. Then I create a cash flow chart that shows their process and how we can make them more efficient. This has a positive, immediate impact for them!”

John DeProsperis
Staff Accountant

“My goal is to give all of our clients great value for their money. That starts with making sure their accounting records are accurate, correct and up-to-date. But there’s more.

“Most clients want to focus on running their business rather than how their business is doing ‘profit wise.’ We help them by making their numbers mean something.

“For example, we set up their chart of accounts so they can see where their sales are coming from. Then they can understand which products and services are the most profitable, which ones aren’t, and know where to focus their attention to grow their business.”

John Uragami

“One of the most important things we do is ‘understand.’

“We take the time to understand our clients’ business, systems and processes—rather than insist they change things before we know what’s happening. We’re patient, listen well, and communicate clearly. This means we all understand and agree on what to do.

“Because of our background and experience, we also understand what CPAs need. This ranges from how to handle daily bookkeeping activities, to giving them what they require for accurate tax work. We help our clients improve the quality of their business—not just their financial systems.”

Deon Taylor
Accounting Clerk

“I help the NPS team provide great service. My bookkeeping and office support background allows me to assist in getting to know how our clients work and how we can help grow their business. I enjoy both the problem solving and service aspects of my role.”



Hannah Gaylord
Accounting Consultant

“With the power of innovation served through the wisdom of experience, we offer our clients a comprehensive suite of solutions with a personal touch.

“We tackle each client as a team providing a diverse array of strengths and perspectives. For the last 5 years, I have enjoyed bringing my knowledge in automation and Business Intelligence to our amazing team to help our clients excel. The most rewarding aspect of our work is watching our clients’ businesses grow. When a client can successfully tackle the challenges of growth without reducing their margins, we know we’ve done our job!

“At the end of the day, we strive to bring our clients peace of mind which begins with trust. When you trust your accounting system to produce accurate results, you can focus your energy on growing your business.”

Liz Gibbons

“I started in accounting in my late twenties. I have a natural proficiency with numbers and taking over bookkeeping duties and payroll came easily so eventually I went with my strengths, career-wise. I sat for and passed the CPA exam but never had a traditional career as at that same time I was starting a family. I’ve worked at a variety of small businesses and nonprofits and learned from each.

“The part of my work I enjoy is working with clients to make the financial part of their business work for them in a way they hadn’t imagined. We listen and work with what our clients want and give advice about the things they don’t know they want or need.

“We are collaborative with both clients and each other. We work closely as a team and are quick to both offer ideas and ask for suggestions about how to better accomplish tasks efficiently and with an eye to what will work best for our client’s future plans.

I work as an accountant because there are right answers, there’s a beauty in getting things right.”

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The Power of Understanding Numbers

“When our full-time bookkeeper left, we decided to outsource this work. Most of the providers we spoke with wanted to do near-term consulting and then help us hire a replacement. But we were looking for a long-term solution.

“We picked NPS because its people are experienced, pragmatic, and sharp enough to keep up with the high-powered brains we have here. One of the most important things they did was turn me from a generator of numbers into a consumer of financial statements to improve the business. And they reduced our overall accounting cost by 50%.

“When you’re outsourcing the money part of your business, trust trumps everything. NPS won ours in a very short time.”

Josh Golden
Founder and CEO
Table XI Partners LLC

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